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Up-Lighting: Service Requirements

Service Requirements

Depending on the desired configuration and the size of the venue, we require roughly 6 hours of setup time. During this time period, event lighting specialists will place and aim the light fixtures, run power and data cables, then program a light show designed specifically to the venue. During setup, the room lighting will be raised and lowered. It is recommended that venue staff, decorators, and other service personnel are notified prior to our arrival that lighting will be reduced to near dark until initial calibration is complete.

If you would like lighting to go around the parameter of the venue, a 4 foot clearance must left between the wall and chairs/tables. Corners should be left cleared unless you place something there you would like to be lighted. The lights do not give off heat, so they are safe to be near drapes and children.

Up-Lighting pops the most when overhead lighting is kept to a minimum. Verify that your venue has dimable overhead lighting. Venues with skylights and large windows won't up-light very well until the sun sets. Notify your decorator that lighting will be kept to a minimum. Candles or battery operated lighting drastically augment an up-lit room.